Maine Street's Story


The roots of Maine Street go all the way back to the early 1960’s. The first formal meeting was held in 1962, which led to the newly formed congregation being founded in 1965. In 1966, the church completed construction of its original building.


At Maine Street, we want to honor God by developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Five Purposes for Life


Maine Street celebrates God’s presence in worship. It doesn’t matter if we’re by ourselves, with a small group, or together with the entire church body; any time we express our love to God, we’re worshipping. We believe worship shouldn’t be a religious duty but an expression of our growing relationship with Christ.


Educating God’s people is discipleship. After someone has made a decision to follow Christ, we want to help them develop spiritually.  Learning to obey Christ and become more like Him is God’s will for every believer.


Ministry is showing God’s love to others by meeting their needs in the name of Jesus. We believe the church is to minister to a person’s spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical needs.  Every time you reach out in love to someone, you are ministering to them.


We strive to provide a warm, authentic community, welcoming new believers into the body of Christ. Being in God’s family means we are not alone; we have each other for support. You weren’t meant to just believe; you were made to belong.


We are Christ’s representatives and believe it is our responsibility to share the Good News about Jesus wherever we go. In fact, evangelism is more than our responsibility; it is our great privilege. As long as there is one person in the world who doesn’t know Christ, our church will continue to reach out.